curiousAnnual Report 2016

To Our

Stefan Oschmann,
Chairman of the Executive Board
and CEO of Merck

“Curiosity fuels business development and enables companies like ours to remain competitive. In my opinion, we should even dare to be more curious. We need curiosity in order to understand technical progress and to shape our future actively and responsibly.”

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A curious species

What really is curiosity? Merck CEO Stefan Oschmann explains what the most productive human trait means to him.

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Looking ahead

Worldwide, around 2.3 million people have multiple sclerosis (MS). David Yeandle has found his own way of living with this disease.

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Digital health

Apps and online offers are playing an increasingly role in medical care. We are therefore furthering start-ups with viable digital ideas for the future.

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Partner in ideas

The customer is king - of course that also holds true in the Life Science business. And it’s why Merck is developing end-to-end solutions that cover the full bioprocessing value chain.

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On the road

Cars are speeding ahead towards a digital future. What was science fiction yesterday is reality today. And it’s clear that there will be a lot of Merck inside the car of tomorrow.

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Making it big in science

Scientific progress thrives on the curiosity of researchers. Often, young talented people are the ones achieving astonishing things.

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